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 Support Brazil Missions

Be a Prayer Warrior:

Be a Prayer Warrior:We need people to stand in the gap and cover us with prayers for protection, to be used as vessels to spread God’s word and to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit always. Most importantly pray for the lost in the Amazon Basin that need to know Jesus.


Send us a word of encouragement, a written prayer or scripture for our personal lives and ministry. Your words give us direction, encouragement, strength and fuel to continue serving.

Be an Encourager:
Be a Financial Partner:

By being a financial partner you make it possible for us to seek and save the lost in the Amazon Basin. You too will be going with us as a Dispersão Family Team Member sharing the gospel to those who need to hear. 

Our Monthly Finances include living, personal and ministerial expenses. In order for this to happen we need 15 supporting churches and 70 individual financial partners. If we had individual partners giving these amounts monthly we could reach our goal:


  • 2 people giving $250.00

  • 2 people giving $150.00

  • 10 people giving $100.00

  • 10 people giving $75.00

  • 10 people giving $50.00

  • 20 people giving $25.00

  • 20 people giving $20.00

  • 6 people giving $10.00



The financial partners are a part of our core team that makes reaching Brasil and especially the Amazon Basin, for the gospel, possible. Our desire for your commitment in being a financial partner is that it does not become just another bill to pay every month. Our hope is that you see it as an opportunity, an investment or you fufulling your part in the great commission. Allow the Lord to use you to offer salvation to the nations just as one day someone shared the gospel with you. There were many people involved so that one person could lead you to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Be apart of that process as well in the lives of Brazilians so through your partnership more people can encounter the Lord and become disciples that make disciples. 


Be a Short-term Missioary

If you feel God is laying on your heart to do missions and it excites you to see all that God is doing in the Amazon Basin of Brazil, why not come and be a part of it. Come along side of us for a week, two weeks or even a month to serve the Lord together. We would be honored to have you come to Brazil and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Contact us for more information and we will help you get started on planning your trip. 

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