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​Throughout our years in missions we believe and live by relationship based support. We have faith in the Lord to live in such a way where we depended up Him for our daily needs. Whether we are in plenty or in want, just as Paul talks about in Philippians, we know that we can do all things through the Lord who give us strength. In the past 8 years we have seen the Lord do exactly what I just menitoned. There is no better place to be than fully rely on the Lord for your needs and seeing Him provide literally every step of the way and in ways that you may never imagine.

So, in sharing that and seeing what the Lord is doing here in Brazil, if you would like to support us finacially you can do that in one of two ways.

Most of our donations go through our local state-side church where an account has been set up for our ministry to receive 100% of what is given.

We would like to let you know that all donations given through our church are tax deductible.

 You can write a check out to Faith Family Church and in the memo line put Smith/Sousa Missions. You can mail that check to:

Faith Family Church

508 West Green Street

Frankfort, IN 46041

Or the other option is donating directly to us through our paypal accout. However, if you choose this option it is not tax deductible. You can click on the bottom below that says donate and it will take you to the paypal website. You will need to click on the bottom on the top of the page that says "Send."  In the box where it asks for email or phone number you need to put in this email address: Follow the steps that it gives you and your donations will be given directly to us.


Our Partnering Churches & Ministries

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Souls' Harbor Missionary Baptist  Frankfort,IN

Skype Pointe Church

Traveler's Rest, SC


Be Still Initiative in honor of Whitney Shea Anderson

Faith Family Church

in Frankfort, IN

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Fountain of Life Church 
Rossiville, IN

Keep the Faith Ministry Frankfort, IN


Oakland Christian Church

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